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Formerly Lunchbox Alchemy, the evolution into Alchemy Naturals offers new flavor and cannabinoid profiles, adaptogens – and less sugar! While still providing an effective, award-winning full-spectrum gummy.

The modest amount of 0.3% THC keeps full-spectrum products under the legal limit while still providing the benefit of the entourage effect.


  • DailyBlackberry Lime: CBD is under study for aiding in anxiety reduction, pain relief, sleep support, and appetite stimulation. Blackberries are amongst the highest-ranking natural antioxidant. The addition of lime enhances bioavailability.
  • ReliefGinger Mango: CBD shows promise for its role in promoting relaxation. CBG (10mg) studies are revealing its capacity as an anti-inflammatory, pain reducer, and immune & mood booster. Ginger (10mg) indications point to anti-inflammatory & antioxidant effects.
  • SleepPomegranate Berry: Studies of CBD reflect benefits for relaxation, anxiety & stress relief. CBN (5mg) – an alternate cannabinoid to CBD – is known colloquially as the rest molecule, promoting restfulness and sedation. Passionflower (20mg) (passiflora) appears to boost GABA receptors, supporting relaxation and better quality of sleep.

Packages are available in: a 100mg Sample pack (two 50mg gummies), 750mg pack (thirty 25mg gummies), or 1500mg double-strength (thirty 50mg gummies).


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Daily – Blackberry Lime, Relief – Ginger Mango, Sleep – Pomegranate Berry

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100, 750, 1500