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Hand-crafted. Delicious. Effective. Vegan & Gluten-Free. 

What makes chattCBD gummies unique? They’re stable. Heat stable. They won’t melt in your car!

What makes them special? Everything! But particularly their unique cannabinoid profile.

Just Peachy is a succulent, peach-flavored CBG/CBD (18 mg CBG/12 mg CBD) gummy blend with zero THC. *This product was designed specifically for Grass Roots so we can offer the increased anti-inflammatory properties of CBG in a quality product*

Nan’s CBN is a delightful green apple-flavored pure CBN isolate gummy. (25 mg CBN isolate) CBN is reported to have greater sedative effects than CBD, with many finding it beneficial for sleep. *While CBN contains no THC and is not intoxicating, this product does have the potential to appear on drug screens.*



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Just Peachy, Nan's CBN


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