Trey Acklin

Trey is a native of Huntsville, Alabama where he spent most of his time involved in music and stage performance. Over the past few years, he became an advocate for alternative medicine. Most notably the benefits of CBD tincture and flower. Being a chef as well, this intrigue has also led to several delicious explorations.


His focus is to bridge the information gap between the novice and the expert; in terms of using the plant itself. With that said, his favorite product is undoubtedly flower. From the bright and citrus tones of Lemon AK and Tangie, to the beautiful earthy notes of Bubba Kush and Honolulu Haze. If it's hemp help you're looking for, he's definitely there to assist you. Accompanied by his favorite tinctures, bath bombs, and topicals; his recipe for the "entourage effect" will envelope you in total relaxation.

So, come one, come all. Let's get you taken care of!

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