The Patron Saint of Gifts

Dec 22, 2019

A Tribute to the Patron Saint of Gifts

In dedication to jolly old Saint Nicholas, this is a prompt to uphold his long-standing tradition of giving. A call for us to be Santa’s acolytes. (Because most of us will never be elves. Those guys are clannish at best.) Santa reminds us the importance of giving is a critical holiday messages.

An acolyte (an ancient Greek word for follower) is a devotee that assists the work of someone important. Santa is unquestionably important. Following in his generous footsteps is one of the more significant acts of which we’re capable.

Santa’s Back Story

  • 300 AD: Nicholas, a Turkish bishop, gives away his sizeable inheritance and travels the countryside helping the poor and sick. He is made a saint upon his death.
  • 1790’s: Despite bans of Christmas in the American colonies, Dutch settlers in New York honor of their folk memory, “Sint Niklaas.” “Sinter Klass,” the shortened moniker, eventually became “Santa Claus.”
  • 1809: Washington Irving’s satire of New York history included the dutch St. Nicholas, introducing him to the greater populace. Additionally, his stories of English Christmas generate nostalgia.
  • 1823: Clement Moore writes a poem, adding a sleigh and eight reindeer to Santa Claus’s entourage. This epic work begins with the familiar “Twas the Night before Christmas…”
  • 1863: Thomas Nash’s popular cartoon further depicts Santa as a rotund North Pole resident, finalizing the image we know today.
  • 1870: Christmas – in vogue due in part to the national adoption of the beloved Santa Claus – becomes a federal holiday.

Santa’s Followers Give

Grass Roots and Santa perform much the same work. We are a company founded on the Gift of Health. Not only do we offer CBD products to improve health and create a better quality of life, we have a philanthropic branch (Fund 129) that gives back to those in need in our community. Giving is what we do.

The rampant commercialism around Christmas makes some argue gifts are pointless or wasteful. Gifts are not pointless or wasteful. Gifting, like full-spectrum CBD, creates an entourage effect. (Full-spectrum CBD utilizes all of the hemp plant’s cannabinoids.)

Gifting maintains social and familial ties. It creates reciprocal networks. Giving keeps us “in the club,” per se, and clubs provide a feeling of belonging, When we feel we belong, our generosity increases. We can make a difference and our efforts matter, and that feels good. Feeling good makes us react with positive minds and joyous hearts. We are released from mental and emotional poison, which diminishes physical illness and disease. This is the entourage effect in action. Giving makes us healthier.

CBD: The Multi-faceted Gift

Not entirely coincidentally, CBD provides the same mental and physical benefits as the act of giving. It can often minimize the effects of many physical and mental illnesses. Giving CBD is doubly beneficial. The gift that keeps on giving. The giver gets the health rewards associated with giving. And the recipient gets the gift of health.

Santa’s little acolytes at Grass Roots can fill the stockings of friends and family with the optimal CBD presents. And most importantly, we can help put a little something under the tree for yourself. 

I love to gift CBD. I’m giving not only something they’ll love but also something so helpful! I give my grandmother (who has dementia) water-soluble Hemp Lucid tincture. It mixes easily into her morning coffee.) I get my aunt the concentrated Bluebird Botanicals Signature oil. (She was in a serious auto accident as a teen and has a plate in her leg. And as a hairdresser she works long days, standing.) I gift myself cbdMD bath bombs. A long, hot bath is the perfect end to a day of holiday stress!”

Elisha Millan, Owner, Grass Roots Health

Join us in honoring the jolly old red guy, the Patron Saint of Gift-giving himself and become one of his followers. Give the ultimate gift… Health! And don’t limit giving to just the holiday season! Follow Santa’s creed and give a Merry Christmas to all. And to all a good night.

Interested in gifting loved ones CBD? Received CBD as a present and want to learn more? Stop by our stores on MLK in Chattanooga and Battlefield Pkwy in Fort Oglethorpe – or contact us directly with your inquiries.

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