We Prefer Green Wednesday

Nov 21, 2022

Add Green Wednesday to the Thanksgiving Discounts!

The days surrounding Thanksgiving are stacked with different shopping opportunities. But we prefer Green Wednesday. The best cannabis-related deals are the day before Turkey Thursday.

What is Green Wednesday?

Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday are all well-known for their holiday deals. But are you aware of Green Wednesday

Green Wednesday is the cannabis industry’s response to Black Friday. It provides the opportunity to stock up on discounted gifts – and personal goodies – before the holidays. And it certainly helps elevate the Thanksgiving feast!

Black Friday & Cannabis in the US

Cannabis was used medicinally by Native American tribes. So the cannabis industry is older than the United States. Thanksgiving, however, is exactly as old as the US. Since the 1600s, Americans commemorate the first harvest of the Mayflower survivors by celebrating the fourth Thursday in November. The day the remaining Pilgrims sat down with Wamponaog tribe members to break bread and pass the (albeit tobacco) pipe.

The day after Thanksgiving is a day for holiday shoppers to access deep discounts and one-time-only deals. This Friday was colloquially termed “Black Friday” in the 1980s. For the past 40 years, consumers and retailers alike focus on this day to profit.

Green Wednesday’s Benefits

Flash to 2010. With cannabis decriminalized and/or legalized in many states, a trend emerges. Early industry retailers notice a sharp spike in sales the day before Thanksgiving. They refer to it as Green Wednesday. Only surpassed by the notorious celebrations of 4/20, Green Wednesday becomes another way for cannabis enthusiasts to pass the holiday pipe – and profit!

A few of the Green Wednesday discounts at Grass Roots.
Green Wednesday discounts at Grass Roots

Grass Roots celebrates the holiday season with you. From discounts on CBD and Delta 8 flower to gifts with purchases of pre-rolls and select brands like GRAV and Stündenglass. Grass Roots gives thanks and gets green with you this November 23rd.

Grass Roots offers curbside service. Want to avoid holiday shopping lines? Reluctant to go outside in this cold snap? We are happy to process payments over the phone at 423-713-9229. We’ll bring your packaged deals directly to your car!

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