Henry’s Wholesale Dispensary Supply

Nov 23, 2020

Announcing: Henry’s Wholesale Dispensary Supply

As the wholesale arm of local hemp dispensary Grass Roots Health, Henry’s Wholesale Dispensary Supply creates business-to-business opportunities and convenience for area hemp dispensaries.

Chattanooga-based Grass Roots Health Founder Elisha Millan recently created another outlet for supporting the region’s hemp dispensaries. Henry’s Wholesale Dispensary Supply, as part of the Grass Roots corporate family, provides wholesale purchasing opportunities for dispensaries of all sizes.

Area dispensaries and hemp retailers can access in-person wholesale shopping to stock their stores. Henry’s Wholesale Dispensary Supply enables retailers to purchase supplies and inventory without having to meet high distributor minimums while also enjoying guaranteed product satisfaction.

“Henry’s Wholesale Dispensary Supply creates a common marketplace for dispensary owners, retailers, and farmers to come together without the hassle of negotiating prices,” Millan says. “Grass Roots has one of the largest hemp footprints in the area, and we’re excited to leverage our expertise and buying power for local stores.”

Through Henry’s, retailers and dispensaries have access to the same low rates as major wholesale partners without minimums, according to Millan. This accessibility can offer retailers a distinct advantage for offering a diversity of products and high-quality flower.

“At Henry’s, we operate with the same integrity and commitment to reliable, professional service as we do through our Grass Roots locations,” Millan says. “Wholesale customers can gain easy access to harder-to-ship merchandise, as well as enjoy the convenience of seeing products in person prior to purchase.”

In addition to stocking a wide range of products, including hemp flower, glass pipes, and shop necessities like mylar bags, Millan says she wants to centralize product availability for sellers and retailers, ensure transparency, and provide educational opportunities to the hemp community.

“Just like in our retail locations, Henry’s Wholesale associates bring extensive experience, certifications, and training with specific brands and product lines,” Millan says. “We’re certified retailers with many brands, which ensures authenticity and eliminates the risk of counterfeit products.” 

Henry’s Wholesale Dispensary Supply also employs certified hemp graders who help ensure the store’s hemp flower and other products meet stringent quality standards.

Contact Information:

Website: http://www.henrysdispensary.com/
Phone Number: (423) 497-5844 
Address: 3227 Wilcox Blvd., Suite 117 Chattanooga, TN, 37411

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