Oct 1, 2021

Celebrate with Cannabis and Grass Roots in October!

You’ve seen them all — National Doughnut Day, Pizza Appreciation Day, and national cat and dog holidays. These ubiquitous holidays give us something to smile about and drive cute photos of dogs and cats across social media platforms.

As a build-up to Spooky Season before Halloween on October 31, take a moment to recognize these less common “holidays” with some of our favorite products at Grass Roots. 

October 1

International Coffee Day: Who can say no to a cuppa joe? Support your favorite local coffee shop while you’re at it, as the International Coffee Organization strives to celebrate coffee’s next generation on this day. Start the day right by stirring a dropperful of CBD tincture into your java. 

October 4

National Cinnamon Roll Day: Maybe one of the best breakfast pastries available, we recommend celebrating these cinnamon baked treats by topping one with CBD honey.

October 10

World Mental Health Day: The World Health Organization recognizes this day to raise awareness of mental health, including supporting those who are most impacted by mental health issues. Cannabis and CBD have been shown to potentially impact symptoms of anxiety and PTSD. Grass Roots Health advocates for mental health awareness, particularly as it affects veterans, and plant-based therapies for pain and depression without the harmful side effects of opiates. 

October 12

World Arthritis Day: Arthritis affects nearly one in four adults in the U.S., and it’s the leading cause of disability, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This condition can be debilitating and cause intense pain, discomfort, swelling, and stiffness. Some Grass Roots customers have found incredible relief from pain with CBD and delta-8 products. If you or a loved one are seeking pain relief, talk to one of our store associates to find a product that best suits your needs. Grass Roots offers a wide variety of products, including topical creams, ingestible capsules, gummies, and inhaled flower to help you meet your goals.  

October 15

National Grouch Day: Sesame Street’s most beloved furry grouch Oscar is celebrated on this day. Do aches and pains (or sitting in small spaces like a trash can) make you grouchy, too? Let a Grass Roots associate turn your frown upside down — they’re happy to answer any questions about our products that have the potential to bring relaxation, ease, and pain relief to your life. 

October 20

International Sloth Day: Need a reset? Celebrate these slow-moving herbivores that play a critical part in rainforest ecosystems. Take it easy in your loungewear for Sloth Day and sample some of Grass Root’s impressive selection of fresh hemp buds to smooth out the day.

October 31

Halloween: While COVID may have put a damper on Halloween party plans, this costume- and candy-driven holiday is a fun one. Get steady for the evening with a CBD or delta-8 infused gummy. (As a reminder, always keep all CBD and hemp products out of reach of children.) 

And don’t forget about your pooch! If doorbells and strangers in costume give your dog the spooks, consider a CBD-infused doggie treat to bring ease and calm to pets. Grass Roots offers a variety of pet products at both of our locations. 

Grass Roots Health stores offer high-quality cannabis products for every holiday — or just everyday aches and pains. Visit one of our stores or give us a call to find a product that best suits your needs.

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