Sep 13, 2021

Delta 8: What You Need to Know

Have you heard of delta 8? This particular cannabis molecule has been sweeping the hemp industry across the country. Hemp products that contain delta 8 may give people access to new options for pain relief — read on to hear from knowledgeable Grass Roots Health Area Manager Christine Glacken and learn more about delta 8. 

Q: What is delta 8? 

Glacken: Delta 8 is technically delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, a cannabinoid or component found in hemp plants. Delta-9 THC, the most common molecule found in cannabis where it is legal, is what distinguishes marijuana from other cannabis products. In Tennessee, any product with delta-9 THC greater than 0.3% is illegal.

Delta-8 THC is a similar molecule with similar benefits — these products have the potential to relieve nerve pain, nausea, help with depression, and enhance mood. Like delta 9, it is psychoactive, or intoxicating. Tennessee and Georgia do not currently regulate delta 8, and it is legal to sell in retail stores and legal to possess, use, and buy in these states. 

Some states have outlawed the sale and possession of delta-8 products. If you are traveling, research that state’s laws to see if it’s legal to possess or use. 

Q: How is delta 8 different from CBD? 

Glacken: We’re excited about the potential benefits of delta-8 products because we’ve seen this molecule help a new group of people. CBD and CBG, two of the most common legal cannabinoids, are non-intoxicating and are most beneficial for inflammatory-based pain. We have many customers seeking help from our products with nerve-based pain, which typically isn’t helped with CBD-dominant products. These people may find pain relief from products containing delta 8.

Q: When would you recommend a delta-8 product versus a CBD-dominant product? 

Glacken: When a customer is seeking a product for pain relief, all of our associates are trained to ask a series of questions. A customer’s responses, and their reason for trying a product, will help us determine the most appropriate solution to try.

If pain is nerve-based, we may recommend trying a delta-8 product. If pain is inflammatory, we may recommend a product with higher CBD content. The different molecules deliver different benefits. Based on a customer’s goal, I would suggest a particular product as a starting point. 

We carry two delta-8 products I like because of their options. The brand Enjoy offers edibles with different terpene blends that promote specific qualities such as stimulating, motivating, or relaxing, which may suit a customer’s particular needs.

I also like the Goodie’s brand vape pen that has a 3:1 CBD to delta-8 ratio. It’s a great blend of CBD and delta-8 THC that makes me feel balanced while providing pain relief. I like that certain products and blends of cannabinoids can provide the pain relief of delta 8 without as much intoxication potential as products with higher concentrations of delta 8. 

Q: Will I feel high using delta 8?

Glacken: Likely yes. One of our biggest client education points about delta 8 is the intoxicating factor. These products are likely to make you feel high. I tell customers to assume they will get nerve pain relief and feel intoxicated, which is very different from non-psychoactive CBD products. Similarly, while it is a legal product to buy, possess, and use, using delta-8 products may show up as positive for THC on drug tests. 

Q: How much should I take? 

Glacken: All Grass Roots associates welcome questions about specific products and will make recommendations on where to start. Generally speaking, we suggest going slow and starting low — start with a low dosage until you determine how you react to a particular molecule. You can always take more later.

Most delta-8 products at this time are edibles, like gummies, or vape cartridges, which are inhaled. The delta-8 products we carry are safe, legal, and lab-tested products. Edibles give customers a very different experience than smoking flower or vaping. 

Edibles have a longer onset time compared to inhaled cannabis. From ingestion to feeling the benefits, expect a one to two-hour onset. Smoking or vaping provides benefits almost immediately. Edibles will last six hours or more — it’s crucial to understand dosing when trying a potentially intoxicating product like delta 8. As I tell customers, you can always take more. You need to be prepared to feel intoxicated for as long as six hours when ingesting delta-8 edibles. 

We recommend starting with 25mg per dose or less. Use these products with discretion. Many customers report having a powerful, positive, pain-relieving experience and finding relief they haven’t found before. 

The best way to find the right product to meet your goals is to speak with a Grass Roots associate. Give us a call or visit our stores in Chattanooga and Fort Oglethorpe!

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