Giving Thanks

Nov 25, 2019

Giving Thanks: Gratitude, Happiness, Balance, Homeostasis.

Gratitude is as much of a Thanksgiving staple as roasted turkey and recliner naps. It’s about expressing an appreciation of life. Acknowledging we enjoy how things are in the present moment, versus being unhappy over the unattainable. Gratitude equals happiness. It’s happiness for what you “have” instead of what you “lack.” And when you appreciate life, you’re inclined to help others find happiness as well.

“I’m thankful to work in such a positive environment with products I am passionate about.”

Jess, Grass Roots Health, MLK

We’re happiest when calm, well-fed, rested, present, and safe.

Our bodies have several regulatory systems that affect our overall happiness. The CBD industry revolves around one in particular – the endocannabinoid system. This network of nervous system receptors helps our bodies achieve balance. A balanced (or homeostatic) system can successfully perform the crucial functions: relax, eat, sleep, forget, and protect. When the endocannabinoid system is homeostatic, we are at our best. When it’s off-balance, we suffer. And it’s nearly impossible to be grateful in the midst of suffering.

“CBD gives me pain and stress relief without the harmful side effects of opioids or Xanax.”

Christine, Area Manager, Grass Roots Health Chattanooga

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

We’re lucky folks at Grass Roots. Yes, we’re extensively educated on the functions and benefits of CBD. But more importantly, we get to see people achieve balance and reach happiness. And we’re grateful for it! We see it in ourselves – most of us have personal CBD testimonies. We see it in newcomers, now knowledgable and hopeful. In addition, we see it in returning clients, grateful for their renewed quality of life. And we’re incredibly grateful we get to see it help and improve our community, as we give back through Fund 129.

Fund 129 is our philanthropic branch. It disperses resources to area groups, focusing on hemp-as-healthcare. Recipients include the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, Chattanooga Community Kitchen, the American Legion, and groups managing opiate recovery efforts.

“I’m grateful I get to really help people and watch them get better.”

Brandon, Grass Roots Health, MLK & Ft. Oglethorpe

Finding enough balance for gratitude isn’t only internal. It also lies outside of ourselves. Gratitude involves a connection with something greater than the individual. The shared history of Thanksgiving is a now a “holiday machine.” It is bigger than personal thankfulness. It’s easy to get lost in this machine. And when we’re overwhelmed, we’re out of balance. Just like CBD helps our endocannabinoid system return to homeostasis, expressing gratitude can help us re-balance through the holiday abyss. 

Now you have to find one thing for which to be thankful. It may be the joy of a lucrative year, or poor health restored. Enough sleep on a day off, or helping those in need. A stomach full after a favorite meal, or the aesthetic of colorful fall leaves. Maybe it’s as simple as quiet time spent alone in contemplation. Whatever you can find to be thankful for, big or small, revel in it. Everybody has one. Find your thing to be thankful for and revel in it until you are grateful. Then express that gratitude to everyone you encounter.

And if it isn’t restorative enough to tide you over through Christmas, come see us at Grass Roots. Let us pay our gratitude forward, and find what will help you re-balance your whole system! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, from the Grass Roots family. May the wishbone always snap in your favor. 

Want to learn more about using CBD to balance your endocannabinoid system? Stop by our stores on MLK in Chattanooga and Battlefield Pkwy in Fort Oglethorpe – or contact us directly with your inquiries.

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