Jun 1, 2021

Grass Roots Health’s Commitment to Quality Hemp

Oftentimes, the hemp industry feels like the wild west, a new frontier that pushes boundaries of long-held legal standards and is rife with businesses solely looking to make a buck. From day one, Grass Roots Health has maintained our singular focus on providing the highest quality hemp products to help improve overall quality of life for customers.

Education is a big piece of our business, and it dovetails with our focus on stocking brands and products we’ve tested and trust.

Hemp Grading and Turning to Terpenes

We grade our fresh hemp in-house and only accept the highest quality hemp buds available. Before buying fresh hemp, our associates who have been trained to grade plants based on appearance, smell, and other qualities give each plant a grade — A through F — similar to how other agricultural plants are graded. We only purchase and sell buds that have passed our quality standards. 

Many of Grass Roots’ store associates have undergone an interpening course through the nationally recognized Trichome Institute. Interpenening is the art and science of determining the quality and effects of cannabis with your eyes, nose, and knowledge. Like a cannabis sommelier, these associates navigate the world of fresh buds to guide customers to find the effects they’re seeking. 

To understand more about the smells of cannabis buds, Grass Roots associates first explain terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic oils found in all kinds of plants, though they’re commonly associated with cannabis. Terpenes give hemp buds their distinct smell, be it skunky or sweet or peppery. 

Just as a wine connoisseur may learn to identify different elements of the terroir and aromas of wine, educated and experienced hemp connoisseurs can identify the various terpenes in cannabis. In addition to providing distinct aromas, terpenes have differing effects or qualities in a cultivar or strain. In other words, some terpenes may have a more relaxing quality while others promote focus. 

Terpenes are more recognizable than you may think! Lemony, peppery, lavender-like, and hoppy — you’ll find all of these among different cannabis strains. 

Terpene Tuesday with Grass Roots Health

Grass Roots Health store associates guide customers to find the most appropriate product for their needs — and that includes learning about terpenes and different hemp strains. Our associates feature a different Terp Tuesday on Instagram highlighting a specific terpene, where the terpene is commonly found, potential benefits, and cultivars at our stores high in that particular terpene. 

All of these terpenes are also commonly found in cannabis:

  • Limonene: Commonly found in citrus fruit rinds, juniper, and cedar 
    • Potential benefits: Anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, stress reliever, mood lifter
  • Myrcene: Commonly found in mangoes, hops, wild type
    • Potential benefits: Sleep aid, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever
  • Pinene: Commonly found in pine trees, eucalyptus, and rosemary
    • Potential benefits: Opening airways, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety
  • Linalool: Commonly found in lavender, rosewood, bergamot
    • Potential benefits: Sedative effects, anti-convulsant, natural insecticide, relaxing effects

Most significantly, our trained store associates understand each strain we carry — not just its terpenes, but CBD levels and its potential effects. Contact us today to find a high-quality product best suited to your needs!

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