Kiss and Tell! About Cannabis & Romance

Feb 13, 2020

Kiss & Tell! About Cannabis and Romance

Stoking the fires of long-term couple-dom, kindling something new, or celebrating your own fire this Valentine’s Day? CBD can enhance most romantic scenarios. Cannabis has at least a 3000-year-old history inside the story of human health and relationships. Current research shows the science behind Why. Follow along for the science of How, as well. Learn to utilize CBD to enhance your passionate moments.  

Health Highlights from Cannabis’s Past

There’s a long history of cannabis use in affairs of the flesh.

  • Start with the Ebers Papyrus (1550 BC), one of the oldest complete medical texts. It suggests hemp for several “female issues.” Including preparations to help depression, minimize pain, and stop inflammation.
  • Next is creating Oneness with the goddess Kali in Indian texts (700 AD). Kali is invoked through a combination of yoga, sex, and most importantly, cannabis.
  • Accounts of Serbian men using hemp as an aphrodisiac for centuries. In addition, Ugandan men used it as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.
  • Followers of the Norse goddess Freya grew hemp and consumed the flower for its capacity to generate seduction, eros, and love.
  • More recently, Soviet-era Russia reveals tales of brides using Nasha, a concoction of hemp and lamb fat, to reduce wedding night pain. 

But what does modern research say about the effects of cannabis (and CBD) on sexual health?

The Biochemistry of CBD

Sex and cannabis both have important places in sustaining healthy relationships. CBD benefits both sexes. In fact, a survey of 502 cannabis users uncovered amazing results. When men used CBD during intimate relations, they lasted an average of 30% longer. Women who took CBD prior to sexual activity achieved orgasm 33% quicker. However, when it comes down to effects on specific biologies, women seem to receive slightly more physical benefits than men.

On Women

The uterus has a large reserve of CB1 and CB2 receptors. One of cannabis’s effects on the ECS (endocannabinoid system) is the control of estrogen. Menopause decreases estrogen, reducing CB1 in return. Decreased estrogen can make sex painful. By boosting this receptor, CBD helps reverse this effect. Using CBD prior to being physically intimate filters sensory input. This fosters increased libido, ability to achieve orgasm and lubrication. Using a sublingual oil, or vaping CBD provides results in a mere 15-20 minutes. Lubricants infused with CBD reduce inflammatory pain and halt the muscle spasms sometimes associated with intercourse. Quality cannabis-based intimate products are on the market. They utilize CBD without the numbing agents found in many sexual enhancement products. Women can remove pain and not sacrifice pleasure.

On Men

Erectile tissue is another reserve area of CB1 and CB2 receptors. Low amounts of CBD increase anandamide. The anandamide molecule is the body’s fragile, easily-degraded version of THC. Ananda means “bliss” in Sanskrit. It’s key to male sexual motivation and satisfaction. CBD stops its break-down, affecting erectile tissue. CBD’s boost manifests as prolonged erections and delayed ejaculation. CBD in lower doses also enhances libido. High doses, however, are sedating and have a negative impact on libido. Research shows a lot of contradictory information on cannabis and male sexuality. Long-term use and high dosages of THC may reduce testosterone, potentially affecting libido and sperm count. (Few studies have kept THC’s effects separate from CBD. But emerging ones show CBD does lower testosterone during usage, but levels return to normal afterward.)

On Mental Health

Sex is important, but intimacy is more so. CBD enhances intimacy. Touch releases oxytocin, facilitating bonding. A massage with CBD oil enhances this bonding. Partners become more trusting of one another. Trust allows them to be more open and vulnerable. Vulnerability is similar to social anxiety, and CBD reduces the fear associated with both.

On top of enhancing bonding, taking CBD prior to initiating intimacy helps couples talk to each other. CBD’s effect on neurotransmitters (like dopamine and serotonin) reduces anxiety and balance emotions. Partners feel more calm and comfortable. They’re more likely to listen to each other’s perceptions and wishes, and not succumb to emotional triggers.

And it gets better. With greater intimacy and a closer connection, partners can return to the matter at hand: sex. The strong foundation built through bonding and communication is vital in creating a safe place to be adventurous. Couples can comfortably explore each other’s minds and bodies, and grow sexually. Sex and intimacy are both enhanced thanks to CBD.

New Flings and Flying Solo

Spending February 14th on a first date or a newly formed relationship? Cannabis is great for getting to know someone. Calmly, instead of riddled with insecurities. Social anxiety is minimized, so it’s easier to focus on the new beau without a skewed perception. There’s a variety of ways to enjoy CBD’s benefits together.

  • Split a box of Swell’s Chocolate CBD Truffles – enjoy chocolate’s capacity as an aphrodisiac, too.
  • Smoke a pre-roll of CBD flower together. “Shotgun” back and forth, blowing the smoke into each other’s mouth.
  • Switch giving light massages. CBD oil on hands or feet gives a double-dose of bonding oxytocin when it’s massaged in. Work up to the neck and shoulders if it feels appropriate. Massages are calming and relaxing, and they’re a good way to be physically intimate without involving sex. 

You’re all you need on Valentine’s Day? Being in a relationship is nice, but the most important person to love is You. Eliminate worry about being alone and enjoy quality time with yourself by adding CBD to your self-care regimen. Make yourself a Valentine’s present – Original Hemp makes a great Energy capsule to assist creativity. Or pamper yourself with a soothing essential oil and CBD bath using a cbdMD bath bomb. Reward your endocannabinoid system and love yourself

Happy Valentine’s Day! From the cupids at Grass Roots, Meridio Agape – Go out and share the love.

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