My Experience with CBD

Oct 17, 2019

Stories Matter – One Customer’s Journey

We always appreciate customers taking the time to share their personal stories. Their narratives are not only beneficial in furthering our education, but they also help us cater to each new customer’s needs.

My Experience with CBD

“I started taking CBD for mild anxiety, episodic bouts of moderate depression, and my overall health about 4 years ago.  I take around 25mg of CBD daily by tincture. Usually 10-15mg twice a day. I’ve tried several methods of taking CBD. My preferred method is the sublingual tincture. If I hold it under my tongue for 120 seconds it begins to take effect within about  5 minutes and lasts around 4-6 hours. I’ve tried CBD in several forms. Isolates (versus broad or full-spectrum products) tend to work the best for my body chemistry. “

“I prefer tinctures that use MCT as a carrier oil because it seems to help counteract any sedating effects of CBD. I normally take it during the daytime because I don’t want to be drowsy. When I do take CBD at night, I prefer a hemp seed or grapeseed oil. In addition, I mix terpenes into my different oils. Each one has a specific designation –  daytime use versus nighttime use. My daytime mixture is infused with limonene and pinene terpenes. My nighttime mix is infused with myrcene and linalool.”

Additional Details

Full-spectrum means all of the cannabinoids are kept during the extraction process. Full-spectrum can contain up to 0.3% THC (under the legal limit.) Broad-spectrum keeps the cannabinoids and terpenes – but removes THC. In isolates, the CBD molecule is kept entirely separate.

Terpenes have a host of mental and physical benefits, particularly when kept with CBD. They are in many plants – not just hemp. Limonene lifts the mood and eases the GI tract. Pinene fights pain and inflammation. Myrcene relaxes the muscles and sedates. Linalool reduces stress and eases anxiety.

Back to the Journey…

“When I have sore joints or muscle pain in a finite area, I use a topical. They’re fast-acting and can be applied as many times as needed. I don’t typically use edibles or capsules because I feel the tincture acts faster and works better.”

“Also, I smoke hemp flower. I think smoking has a completely different effect compared to tinctures or edibles. It is extremely fast-acting but only lasts for a few hours. However, it has a much more noticeable feeling. Smoking works best for me after a long day of work or right before bed because it really winds me down. I have a problem with elevated eye pressure and smoking provides more relief than the sublinguals. The best description of the feeling is a rush of relaxation. Saying it seems stereotypical, but it truly sums up the feeling.”

Photo by Mister Lee

“Taking CBD consistently has improved the conditions I started taking it for and helped my overall well-being. I’ve noticed terrific improvements in my mental and physical health. Falling and staying asleep are both better. My stress levels have greatly decreased, and depressive episodes are almost non-existent. Feeling anxious is much easier to manage. I like I can take as much or as little as I choose on my own terms. CBD works better for me than anything I’ve been prescribed or found over-the-counter.  I highly recommend trying CBD and seeing what it can do for you.”

–S.L., Grass Roots Customer

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