Aug 26, 2020

Trails + CBD: Our Favorite Combination for Relaxation and Fun

At Grass Roots, our mission is to help individuals find healing and health. An important part of health and healing is movement — and what better place to be active and enjoy the outdoors than the Chattanooga area? 

With rivers, lakes, and creeks at our doorstep and abundant opportunities to run, swim, and bike, it’s easy to get outside. Take advantage of one of Chattanooga’s best amenities, and bring along some of our favorite CBD products. We hope you’ll agree they’re a great match! 


> Big Soddy Gulf: This destination for blue hole swimming is a little further out than the popular North Chickamauga Creek trailhead off Highway 27. With multiple swimming holes and a partially paved path, the “Gulf” in Soddy-Daisy is a great place to enjoy a hike and swim. It also connects to the Cumberland Trail system if you want to adventure further. 

> Chester Frost Park: Don’t feel up for a hike but still want to soak up some sun? This Hamilton County park just north of Hixson has something for everyone. There’s an on-the-water obstacle course for kids and adults, a beach, multiple boat ramps, docks, and rentals available. Go early or in the evening for prime fishing or launch a canoe or paddleboard to get a different view from Lake Chickamauga. 

Whether you’re swimming in your backyard pool, Lake Chickamauga, or a cool area creek, Mary’s Burn Out topical mist provides cooling relief and refreshment for your skin after a day in the sun.


> Cumberland Trail, Laurel and Snow Falls: The Cumberland Trail is an incredible natural resource for hiking in Middle and Eastern Tennessee. The Chattanooga area boasts some incredible sections of the trail, which spans 11 counties, including the popular Signal Point section. We recommend checking out the trail to Laurel and Snow Falls that begins in Dayton off Highway 27. Walk along Richland Creek for about 2 miles before the trail splits to ascend to either Laurel or Snow Falls spur trails. Add on from there, depending on your preference, for a longer hike to either waterfall or Bryan Overlook beyond Laurel Falls.

Grass Roots offers the perfect hiking companion that makes for a relaxing hike down from the falls. Pack a Pulsar APX 2 Dry Herb Vape and your favorite flower from Grass Roots to enjoy after a picnic or by the creek. This portable device packs a punch to deliver immediate benefits of vaporizing CBD for pain relief, enjoyment, or recovery. If you’re recovering from a longer hike, check out our topical creams for relief and recovery. (Smoking may be prohibited in some areas. Please respect all park rules and guidelines.)

Plus the Pup

> Greenway Farms: Located in Hixson about 1 mile off Highway 153, Greenway Farms is a great spot to walk, run, or hike — and bring the dogs! This Chattanooga park has an off-leash dog park, and 6 miles of walking, running, hiking, and biking trails for adventuring that run along North Chickamauga Creek. (All dogs must remain on leash except in the designated dog park.) Want to paddle away with your pup? There are three canoe access points to the creek, which is a smooth place for beginners and families to paddle.

Pair a trip to the Greenway with a dose of relaxation for a pet that may exhibit situational anxiety or for older pets with joint pain or arthritis. We like these Chattanooga-made Barley Bones that boast the highest human-grade CBD available. Our store associates are ready to answer any questions about CBD for pets — give us a call or stop by and we can help choose the best product for your animals!

Need help finding the right CBD product for your everyday adventures? Give us a call, browse products online or stop by one of our locations!

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