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Mar 10, 2021

What to Expect: Your Hemp or Legal Cannabis Dispensary Visit

Do you know what to expect when visiting a dispensary? Depending on what type of dispensary you’re visiting — and what state it’s in — your experience may vary. 

We’ve had questions from regulars planning to visit a state with legal cannabis about how to navigate those types of dispensaries. We’ve also met travelers from states with legal cannabis who aren’t quite sure what — if anything — they need to consider before visiting our stores.

Today, we want to address both topics! Read on to learn what to expect at Grass Roots Health, as well as some information about legal cannabis dispensaries in other states.

Marijuana vs. Hemp Dispensaries

In states with legalized medical marijuana, customers must use a special clinic to obtain a card to buy marijuana at applicable dispensaries. In states with recreational marijuana, the shopping experience varies depending on that state’s regulations and requirements. Some dispensaries allow only a handful of shoppers in the store at a time, offering one-on-one customer service with a budtender. Additionally, many marijuana dispensaries rely on cash transactions and don’t accept card payments, so it’s a good idea to keep some cash on hand. 

But what about hemp dispensaries? Again, it depends on the state you’re in. Grass Roots Health operates two stores in two states, and even those two businesses have to follow separate sets of rules. Consider these comparisons: 

> Unlike marijuana dispensaries, the only card you’ll need at Grass Roots is a state-issued identification, and we do accept credit and debit card payments. If you’re over 18 or 21 (regulations vary depending on product — more about that below), no additional verification is required to buy hemp products. There’s also no limit on how much you can purchase at one time. 

Hemp dispensaries like Grass Roots can only sell products that have less than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive component that distinguishes marijuana from hemp plants, due to state and federal regulations.

> Like marijuana dispensaries, legal requirements for hemp products vary by state. In Tennessee, oral and topical products, like capsules, oils, and creams, are available for people older than 18. Products that are inhaled, such as flower, vape cartridges, or pre-rolls, are available to people older than 21 due to a federal change in the smoking age

In Georgia, hemp dispensaries may not sell flower or pre-rolls but can still sell topicals and edible products. Through the Grass Roots online store, customers can shop our complete line of products. Please note that we do not accept payments through the site — orders are completed over the phone.

How to Prepare for Your Dispensary Visit 

Whether you’re new to hemp and cannabis dispensaries or you’ve had an experience at one type but not the other, you can generally expect similar experiences. At reputable dispensaries — whether hemp, medical marijuana, or recreational cannabis — you’ll find: 

> Knowledgeable associates. Our store associates in both Grass Roots locations provide a personalized shopping experience for customers. They’re incredibly knowledgeable about all of our products and the potential benefits of hemp, and they guide customers to the best product to meet their needs. 

We modeled much of the customer experience at Grass Roots after industry-leading cannabis dispensaries, so interactions with a reputable budtender in a legal state should be similar.

> A wide selection of products and accessories in a variety of delivery methods. Our stores and cannabis dispensaries are similar in that we offer everything from edibles and oils to smokable flower and vapes. No matter your preferred consumption method, you should be able to find a product that aligns with your needs.

Before visiting any dispensary, it’s important to consider: 

  1. How you’d like to use cannabis. Dispensary associates at reputable dispensaries are able to guide you through the benefits of each delivery method — vaporizing versus taking oil, for example — and share specifics about products. 
  2. What questions you have. At Grass Roots, we can guarantee that we’ll never rush customers through their shopping process. We even have a consultation room for one-on-one, private conversations. But if you’re visiting a dispensary in another state, it’s a good idea to have questions prepared ahead of time. That way, you’ll be sure you don’t forget something as you navigate a new situation. 
  3. Your budget. Hemp and cannabis products come in a wide range of sizes, quantities, and pricepoints. Sharing your preferred budget ahead of time will help a Grass Roots associate or budtender guide you more appropriately.

Let Grass Roots associates create the best dispensary experience! Give us a call, shop online, or visit one of our stores.

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