Dec 13, 2019

Why Seniors? Catering CBD to the Retiree

When “geriatric” was coined in 1909,  life expectancy was 47 years. Today, the average American lives to be 78. Forty-seven million people are retirement age and projections have their numbers doubling over the next thirty years. The modern senior is older – and lives longer.

Everyone ages, despite their best (or worst!) intentions. Aging carries specific health concerns, many of which are life-impacting. When twenty percent of the population is involved, these health concerns impact society as a whole. Fortuitously, with the increase in the number of older Americans comes the rise of CBD. Why is CBD relevant to seniors?

Unique Health Challenges

Cannabidiol (or CBD) can ease many of the primary health issues faced by the elderly. Clinical studies show CBD mitigates arthritis, neurodegenerative diseases, and anxiety. It even helps insomnia and high blood pressure. When our bodies are supplemented with CBD, our endocannabinoid system is activated. Activation expresses CBD’s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. This means reduced inflammation and improved cell regeneration, allowing the body to eliminate toxic proteins.

What do CBD’s benefits mean to the retiree? Minimized arthritis pain, reduced cognitive impairment, and alleviated stress and fear. Even a better regulated cardiovascular system and deeper, sustained sleep. And combining all of those benefits mean a better quality of life.

CBD Industry’s Call-To-Action

A sizable fifth of the population is challenging the CBD industry with their unique needs. The industry, in return, must rise to the senior’s call with knowledge, transparency, integrity, and compassion. 

Grass Roots means Hand-Curated Wellness, Concierge Level Service & Higher Standards

Hand-Curated Wellness

Fruition comes in finding the right product at the right dosage. CBD is gracious. The wrong dosage isn’t life-threatening. However, medications can affect the metabolism of CBD in those over 65. Utilizing current research, we follow safe, distinct guidelines for seniors.

Everyone has a different endocannabinoid tone. The individualized consultations at Grass Roots allow us to meet each person’s specific needs. In addition, we offer private consultations for those uncomfortable sharing medical information publically.

But we don’t stop there – our consultations never end. We’re available as needs change, providing our best recommendations. For example, we offer a variety of glass for smoking CBD flower and concentrate. Inhaling medicine is unconventional, but it can’t be matched (by oils or edibles) for the swift release it provides. We cater to each customer’s unique requirements. 

Higher Standards

Grass Roots is proud of its staff, selected based on education, experience, and character. Employees undergo extensive training before consulting with clients. They then continue their education through local or online classes and through Oaksterdam University. (Certification through Oaksterdam is the most recognized in the cannabis industry.) 

Hemp-CBD oil is slated to become the most counterfeited extract in existence. Strict quality standards are imperative.

We’ve built strong relationships with both local and national vendors. Each company is thoroughly vetted. Our vendors use quality ingredients and provide lab results. We acquire our wares through them directly, ensuring customers receive unadulterated products. We only recommend safe, top-of-the-line merchandise.

Concierge Level Service

Our atypical staffing model provides a superior CBD experience. We place additional employees in each store to yield a 1:1 client-to-staff member ratio. Each client gets our undivided attention and expertise. 

By the time they reach retirement age, many seniors find themselves surprisingly busy and hosting a bevy of aches and pains. We offer curbside pickup to make shopping more convenient amongst physical ailments and hurried demands.

In addition, seniors can bring us any CBD gifts they receive. Regardless of where the item was purchased. We want people to understand exactly what they have. What it can or cannot do, and what dosage is appropriate. While we do this year-round, we really want people to enjoy their presents during the holiday season!

Aging Affirmatively

Dr. Danial Schecter, Co-founder, Cannabinoid Medical Clinic

Life is short. Even with some seventy-eight years to enjoy, many seniors feel it’s not enough. Maladies make the ticking clock more foreboding. CBD makes the time more pleasant by relieving many of the discomforts of aging. With so many fellow human beings involved, the CBD industry must acknowledge their needs. We at Grass Roots Health are happy to answer the call as top-notch representatives in our field. Let us help you maintain the best health possible during your retirement. You’ve earned it.

Interested in trying CBD? Want to learn the best recommendations for each customer’s unique needs? Stop by our stores on MLK in Chattanooga and Battlefield Pkwy in Fort Oglethorpe – or contact us directly with your inquiries.

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