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Oct 30, 2019

Why We Love CBD for Pets at Halloween

To pets, the changes surrounding them during Halloween are as intense as the hoopla of the Fourth of July. Fireworks and loud crowded barbecues are obvious pet triggers. But Halloween throws decor changes, continual doorway activity, and costumed strangers at your pet. Our fun festivities may feel like imminent danger to our pets. This year may be especially difficult, with the added threat of thunderstorms.

Normally well-behaved dogs may become destructive, incontinent, or territorial – even aggressive. Their separation anxiety may be heightened if their family leaves to trick-or-treat. Cool, collected cats may hide in unusual places, yowl repeatedly, or suffer vomiting and/or diarrhea. Already anxious pets can become so stressed their flight instinct kicks in, and they flee the first time they’re unwatched. Many pets go missing during Halloween because of this.

Consider using CBD to help ease your pet through Halloween. It can calm, even sedate. Evidence-based experience shows it may help pets cope with anxiety. The anti-inflammatory effects could alleviate GI distress as well. Tinctures or edible treats are the typical way to achieve these benefits. For easier application, however, some companies make a transdermal gel that’s put on the inner ear tip.

Here’s The Trick

On the whole, CBD is considered safe for pets. But always make sure correct doses to give in the correct dosage. Also, only purchase from reputable sources that use animal-specific carrier oils. Pet and human CBD oil are sometimes not the same! Reputable pet products use appropriate oils like salmon or coconut. Coconut oil even adds to the calming and anti-inflammatory benefits. Some human oils use carriers like grapeseed, which is harmful to animals. Human edibles (like gummies) may contain xylitol, an artificial sweetener dangerous to dogs. Creditable treats created specifically for pets should never contain dangerous ingredients.

As with you and your doctor, your veterinarian should be aware when you give anything to your pet. Anecdotal evidence supports the benefits of CBD in animals, but there are only a few clinical studies to date. So laws haven’t made clear what veterinarians can or cannot safely recommend or discuss. This stops many veterinarians from giving advice on using CBD. But that doesn’t stop the need for clear communication with your pet’s doctor.  

Here’s the Treat

Now is the time to try CBD for your pet, however! Don’t wait until All Hallow’s Eve is already in motion. While your dog or cat gets benefit from a one-time dosage, supplementing in the days prior provides more benefit. It allows activation of the endocannabinoid receptors – where CBD’s physiological reaction occurs. This makes them more receptive when the big day comes. Then it’s simply a matter of adding an extra dosage some two hours before trick-or-treating starts and Voila! pet happiness. And a calm, happy pet allows you, your family, and the strangers that knock an uneventful, stress-free evening. 

So put on your costume, grab your candy bag, and get ready for trick-or-treating! And know Clifford and Garfield are enjoying Halloween more, too, with their C-Boo-D.

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