Alchemy Naturals THC-Free CBD Gummies (Broad Spectrum)


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Formerly Lunchbox Alchemy, the evolution into Alchemy Naturals offers new flavor and cannabinoid profiles, adaptogens – and less sugar! While still providing an effective, award-winning broad-spectrum gummy.

The broad-spectrum products provide the benefits of all the plant’s cannabinoids while eliminating the THC. These broad-spectrum hemp gummies are designed to support your daily wellness.

Blackberry Lime: CBD is under study for aiding in anxiety reduction, pain relief, sleep support, and appetite stimulation. Blackberries are amongst the highest-ranking natural antioxidant. The addition of lime enhances bioavailability.


100mg sample pack (2 50mg gummies), 750mg pack (30 25mg gummies), and 1500mg double-strength (30 50mg gummies)

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100mg, 750mg, 1500mg